Western Style Earrings

I began to line dance in the mid-90’s and became aware of a whole new market.

The earrings on the right are made of cardboard, denim glued to the front and the back, a feather from a feather duster about 2 inches of chain crystal and a finding, which hearts are always big in Western style jewelry.

The silver boots are light weight and I used leather lacing, silver beads and rhinestones to frame the silver boots and silver beads to enhance the design.

These were extremely popular and sold for about $20.

I found some great bone pieces when I went into the Los Angeles garment district.

I sold these earrings for $25 and couldn’t make them fast  enough to keep up with the demand.

The profit margin was about 50% and took about an hour to make.

It isn’t that profitable but I was always able to watch TV while I was making the jewelry, so it was like making money while I was relaxing.

I loved finding these feathers at the Los Angeles garment district. I really appreciated finding the two sizes of feathers for added dimension. The bone findings were perfect to insert a bead so the finding connecting the feathers weren’t detectable.

These earrings took on a very reservation feel and were extremely popular.

Since I’m a quarter Yaqui Indian, they were one of my favorite designs.

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