For 7 years I worked on making women’s accessories and sold them at Art and Craft Fairs all over Northern California.  Each year there were one or two more people who showed up selling copies of my original pieces. How was I to know someone who bought my pieces would turn around and duplicate my work?

The last show I did was a 3 day show in Marin. By the time I paid for the hotel, food, the $450 for the weekend fee and incidentals, I made a profit of $50. The real problem was I had to work 24/7 just to keep up with the inventory demand. I couldn’t keep up with the feeling that I could never get ahead.

So I decided to shut the business down and I started thinking about how all artists have to go through the same frustrating ordeal.

That’s when I decided to create Crafts on Demand. It is designed to help all artist find a new audience. It has been created to make it easier for all those with talent in creating their art to spend more time creating  and have a broader audience who will appreciate their talent.

Although art is subjective, this site is dedicated to artists who have unique styles and artistry.

The challenge most artists have is getting their work out into the world where people who can afford their art can find them. Most people would love to support artists if only they knew where to find them.

This site is dedicated to those artists who can bring their talent to you in a unique method through our post card mailings and on this website.

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