This was very tedious work, but I loved the effects. I would bend wire to make the posts to string the chain of crystals together.

I picked up most of my crystals from Fire Mountain. They have great prices and even with the shipping, they were less than any of the resources I found locally.

Occasionally I would buy crystals from General Beads on Minna & 7th in San Francisco. I’ve scouted throughout the Bay Area and rarely find resources any better than mail order catalogs.

I got the idea to make this set on a July 4th outing and ended up naming the set “Fireworks”.

It’s a bit heavy, there are about $500 in crystals and about $50 in seed beads and took me a little more than a month to make the set while watching movies.

The bracelet is surprisingly fun to wear and the earring are light enough to wear comfortably. I do have to wear the necklace on top of material because of the weight, otherwise it will leave a mark and become uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

These are some of the earrings I made with silver findings. I made them in every color of crystal I could find and they were one of my best selling products.

They’re simple with clean lines and long enough to be fun and get a little of attention. The silver really makes the crystals stand out.