Sharyn’s Stuff

My jewelry hanger, first made in 1992 because I couldn’t find my July 4th earrings which were hiding under a large lapel pin. The next day I laid out my earrings and made a hanger 2′ x 4′ from curtain whiteout (almost a plastic cloth feel) and 10 pt clear plastic table table cloth, then hung it on the large plastic coat hanger.

I ended up making ones for belts, watches & eventually added them to my line I sold at Art and Craft Fairs.

This one is 3′ x 4′ and finally has empty pockets! All the blue, green, burgundy, red, etc. colors have their own rows.


This is the first time I’ve thought of doing this and it works great! You can see there is a second row above with the necklaces just slightly showing at the top of the picture.

I got a 24″ curtain rod and medal S hooks to hang my necklaces. It is so cool to be able to see the exact necklace I want to wear.

Since I’ve been making jewelry since 1991, and I make about half of my clothes, I usually make a necklace and earring set for everything I have. So each outfit ends up with it’s own custom accessories.

I find some of the pieces at flea markets and re-purpose them.