Foil Artwork

This was my first attempt at making framed paper art. I choose the orange background to match the carpet in my office.

The gold foil is folded but kept raised for a dimensional effect. At the last minute I decided to add the chop sticks and they created a nice multi medium effect. I also added lacy leaves in gold which somewhat look like blotches.

This was my next project, again for my office. They are each laid out in different patterns.


I took things I had around like the round glue sticks and painted them gold.

I used various weights of paper, cut different sizes and shapes and just free styled the assembly of the art pieces.

I even used gold material paints to add another dimension.

I had a lot of compliments and most of my clients thought I had purchased the art.

I took a great deal of pleasure in knowing all of the art I had in my office.

This art piece was inspired by the vase I picked up while on an outing along the Delta in a great little community of Locke.

There is a great Asian Art store there where I have found many pieces I love to share as gifts.