Silver and Crystal

In the mid-90’s I started upgrading my jewelry to silver and Swarovski Crystal.

I had to learn how to roll the stem findings so they were round and ended up tight enough to not come apart.

I used Fire Mountain Gems and Beads almost exclusively for all the findings and the Swarovski Crystal.

I loved the color ranges and the variety of sizes available. I always looked for unusually shaped silver beads to make them unique and attractive.

I also found silver retention strips at Fire Mountain that would keep the silver from tarnishing and would include them with the earrings.

I enclosed the earrings in small plastic bags and kept them from the exposure of outside air to preserve them.

I made a variety of sizes of earrings to appeal to wider potential of clients. It’s important to recognize the needs of your client base rather than focusing on what you would specifically want.

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