Jewelry Sets

I made this Turquoise Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet to go with an outfit I made.

Most of the time I make the jewelry first, but the material was very striking and by this time I rarely ever sold jewelry.

So sewing an outfit was generally inspired by the material and then the jewelry had to be customized for the outfit.

This set took about 2 weeks to make working on it during the evenings. I found he triangle beads in San Francisco at General Bead. I usually let a specific piece inspire the entire design and this was not an exception.

The earing are not as heavy as they appear and are quite comfortable.

I found these gold beads in a bead store in Berkeley. It was more of a belly dancer supply store but they had amazing beads.

The hard part was to find beads that would compliment the beauty of the glass beads.

I ended up buying a sweater to wear with the necklace and earrings. It was difficult to find the right color.

I’m more monochromatic and rarely mix colors so it made it a little more difficult finding the right color sweater that would show off the necklace and not overwhelm it by design or color.

I found an amber ring in an antique shop in Alameda and once I got it home, I realized the ring was too big. I wasn’t comfortable wearing it.

So I took it to a jeweler and had him take the amber off the ring. Then I went back to the bead shop in Berkeley and found these beautiful amberAdd New beads to accent the antique amber from the ring.

The separators are silver. When I tried using gold or brass, they made the set look too ordinary. With the silver framing around the amber piece, the silver beads worked great.

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