Jewelry Sets

I was given a necklace of Goldstone by this lovely couple from Russia. It was too small to wear as it nearly choked me.

So after looking out for other Goldstone beads for about 2 years I finally found enough of a variety of the beads to make this lovely necklace, earrings and bracelet set.

I found some gold silk and made an outfit of a plain sheath dress and a woven silk over jacket. The simplicity of the outfit sets off the design of the jewelry set.

It was summer time and I had made a great white dress. It had to have something unique to set it off.

I headed into San Francisco and bought $200 worth of Swarovski Crystals and about $60 worth of seed beads.

This was an amazingly time consuming process to make this set.

I dubbed it my Fireworks set. I’ve had no less than 20 people ask if they could buy it from me while I was wearing it, but I figured I’d have to sell it for no less than $600-900 and not many people are willing to pay that much for a set with Swarovski Crystals.

I hadn’t intended to create this set, but I was back at General Bead one day when I spotted a rack of Chinese pearls. There are three different sizes. The combination of the seed beads and the pearls made the set in automatic pilot.

It was great to watch it unfold. Although I have to admit the necklace is a bit heavy.

I created a dress and overcoat which gives my neck protection from the weight.

I went to a craft show and came home inspired to make this set which is very multi dimensional.

I had been carrying around some brass beads for more than 10 years and finally found a great use for them.

The necklace looks great on a plain blue sweater. I’ve never tried it with a gold one, but it would probably work just as well.

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