Earring Holder

About 18 years ago I was looking for my July 4th earrings and couldn’t find one of them. The next day I got up and laid my earrings out on the bed and finally discovered the earring I couldn’t find was behind a broach.

It occurred to me I could create a jewelry hanger that would hold all of my earrings and went off to the fabric store to see what I could use to create the hanger.

I found drapery blackout and 10 point plastic that seemed perfect. Then I found lace and 1/2″ ribbon. The hanger was 18″ wide and 24″ long and I created 2″ pockets and ended up with 90 pockets which seemed like it would be more than enough.

Well, that was a long time ago and many years of making earrings and necklaces. Today the hanger is 30″ wide and 48″ long. There are 414 pockets and there are less than 40 pockets empty.

I found a great metal curtain rod and hung it from the wall. Of course the earrings are sorted by color, and the lapel pins are all in a couple of rows and the holiday pins in a row.

It sure makes it easier to find the earrings I want to use and it’s great to know where each of the earrings are when I want them!