Right Brain Activity

I love using my Sundays to make things. Some times I will make an outfit or just a skirt. I try to collect materials that will inspire me to make something, more often than not, something whimsical.

If I’m not sewing on a Sunday I will more than likely decide to make a necklace and earring set. I also have a wonderful collection of beads.

But last Sunday I decided to make a new wall hanging for my earrings and necklaces. It is frustrating for me to have to look through boxes for a specific pair of earrings and after 20 years of making jewelry, I have an extensive collection to say the least.

It’s odd that I’ve never assumed that I have enough. When I buy a new outfit, I assume it should have it’s own custom necklace and earrings. I’ll even make a bracelet to match most of the time. I currently have 5 teal sets. But they’re all very different.

What I enjoy the most about making all the jewelry and sewing is it activates my right brain. I spend so much time in left brain logic during the week, so focusing on my creativity one day a week creates a balance that helps me feel grounded.

It makes the rest of my week flow much more naturally.