I was talking with our contractor who was over to help finish up some of the remodeling projects we have going on around the house.

He was telling me how he used to draw and create art worthy of painting. He hasn’t been doing any art since he had his children who are ten and 14. I asked him if he wanted a framed art piece that was just taking up space and he started telling me about how he missed doing his art.

I asked him if he could take the time to start up again since it is an important part of creativity. He couldn’t imagine where he would fit it in.

Spending time to be creative, using your right brain is a vital component of your own personal development. When you ignore your creativity, you’re denying your skills and talent. Plus you become imbalanced.

It is important to take out the time to use your creativity. The more you use your right brain creativity, the more balanced you become. You will be able to develop better logical decisions and more appropriate developments in your business.

Most people underrate creativity, but it is what keeps us on an even keel. So, take the time to figure out what you can do to use your creative skills. Whether it’s painting, jewelry making, wood working or inventing new projects. Take the time to do at least one project every month so the rest of your work will reflect your creativity.