Mae West
Mae West

This was in 1990 and Jackie wore my Winter costume. This is a better picture of the mask I made. It started out as a plain white satin mask.

The Mae West outfit was inspired by the black lace dress. This was the third hat I had ever made and  I think I went a little overboard on the size and the ostrich feathers. It was a little difficult to maneuver around corners. I’m not sure why I added the ostrich feathers to the bottom of the mask but it made it more fun to wear.

I even made the lace gloves. I had never made gloves before, but I always approach everything as though if someone else has made it, so can I.

Again it’s obvious I made the costume to hide most of my face and even my body even though it was Mae West and should have required something a little more risqué.

I hand stitched the black and red boas to the dress to give it the fullness which made it a lot of fun to walk. I’m a sucker for the forties’ styles!