Space Suit
Space Suit

This was obviously inspired by Karen’s space suite (April 27th post) but of course I had to put my own spin on the concept!

I originally found the Cleopatra style head piece in a great little boutique in Sausilito. That was the beginning of the idea for the costume. It was not unusual for me to find something early in the year and let it formulate the idea for the next costume I wanted to make. I found the gold lame material and the rest unfolded  very easily.

I believe it was the shortest skirt I had ever worn in my entire life. The top had the circle cut outs just like Karen’s, but I put colors in the cut outs except in the one in the center.

I don’t have it on in this picture, but I made a circular collar out of foam that stuck out about 12″ from my shoulders.  It was not that much fun to dance with, but it did make it more like a space suit from the Flash Gordon era.

I liked that I made the leggings to match, I thought it gave the costume a unique look. I was probably the most revealed my face was too!