Sexy Witch

I didn’t make Karen Kaner’s space suit, but I did make the Witch and the Clown for Jackie Smith.

This was a fun Witch to make and wear. It was probably the first had I had ever made.

I had to do a trade show in San Francisco at Moscone for work and I was the only one who wore a costume. I thought it was in good taste and fortunately, my boss didn’t give me a hard time about it.

I had a mask out of an ordinary black satin mask and put purple sequins around the edges. I made a necklace out of a plastic spider and a black velvet band. The earrings were also made of black spiders.

I think the three of us ended up going to three different Halloween parties over the weekend. Karen lived in Los Angeles and she introduced me to Jackie. We had so much fun and the diversity of our costumes made it even more fun!

Jackie told me what she wanted her costume to look like, it was a fairly easy costume to make. It was the second hat I made!