Macrame Hangers

I think it was in the early 70’s when I discovered Macramé Hangers. I’m not sure what was so intriguing about making Macramé hangers but I must have made more than twenty or thirty to give away as gifts.

I made them for nearly every room of my house and for the outside porch areas too. I made them from natural jute, colored nylon and various types of ropes.

I even made a 4 foot wide by 5 foot tall wall hanger and inserted air ferns randomly throughout.

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By: Kristen Oliveri

You can get as creative as you want with these decorative indoor macramé plant hangers by including gems or jewelry for an extra sparkle.

Supplies You Will Need
You’ll need your basic cords to craft your indoor plant hanger. There are a variety of cord materials to choose from like yarn, string, hemp or embroidery. You’ll also need a mount to keep the cords steady while working. A board or spongy pad can do the trick. Rubber bands will help you section off the cords when you’re working on a different section.

Getting Started
Remember that the amount of cord you use will depend on the shape, style and size of the macramé plant hanger you wish to create.

Start your plant hanger from the top. Knot some of the cords into a loop and add additional cords in a circular pattern around the hanger using double half-hitches. For a relatively small plant hanger, use 16 cords (or 8 double cords) and work your way down to the bottom where they will all eventually connect. You can bunch the different sections with rubber bands to prevent the cords from mixing while you’re making the knots.

You can choose many different knots, such as square or Chinese button knots to support your plant holder.

Macramé Plant Holder Tips
When choosing cord to use for your macramé plant hanger, you want to remember to choose something that is smooth and firm and won’t stretch easily. It’s important that the material you choose is sturdy and can hold the weight of the plant. An alternative to hemp cord is string, which can also be dyed any color you’d like for a more unique structure. If you want to add beads or gems into your stitching, you can add clear nail varnish to the ends of the cords to strengthen them.

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