Mosaic Tables

I was in high school in the tenth grade when our art teacher gave us our assignment to make a mosaic table. We took a piece of plywood painted wild colors using the grain as our guides and then went out to find old windshields from cars. We shattered the windshields and then place the glass pieces over the paint filling in the gaps with a white grout. I stained and varnished the wood to a perfection. When it was completed, we framed it with molding and then cut a large piece of glass to make a table top.

I bought pre-made table legs and the the hardware to make it a finished table.

I used the table as my coffee table until I was about 30. I don’t remember exactly what happened to that coffee table, but I do know I had a lot of pride when people would admire it.

It was a great project and one that lead me to many more throughout my life. I have enjoyed working with my hands ever since.

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