Button Earrings

I was at a business meeting when I noticed a woman wearing an interesting bracelet made out of buttons.

That’s all it took!

Since I had learned to sew by the time I was 14, I spent a lot of time in yardage stores. I loved touching the fabrics and imagining what each fabric would make. The color or the material would tell me if it was to be a blouse, dress, skirt or jacket.

So I knew where all the greatest unusual buttons were. I would wait until New York Fabrics would have their monthly sale and I would load up on buttons. I could buy at least two buttons for around $3-5 and sell a pair of buttons as earrings for $10-15 depending on the intricacy of the buttons. All I had to do was clip off the back of the button hook and put an earring back on them.

I would make mostly post earrings but a few clip earrings. The button were usually light enough they weren’t too heavy to be posts. I was always surprised at how many women still preferred to wear clips though.

Then for July 4th I found these amazing buttons. Here it is and I still wear these earring every year. In fact it is because I couldn’t find these earrings that I first invented the first jewelry hanger.

In fact most of my specific holiday earrings are made from buttons. They’re always unique and fun to wear!