I prefer to spend my Sundays making crafts. I usually will sew a skirt, blouse or even a two piece outfit. My other favorite way to spend Sunday is to make jewelry. I have made jewelery display hangers that are five feet tall and three feet wide just to accommodate my large collection. (click on the Tag “Hangers”)

Black and Silver Clay Pendant
Black and Silver with Clay Pendant

This past weekend I discovered I still had a piece my brother Tony made out of clay. He under-baked it so it is still flexible and was much lighter than normal clay pendants.

I started making it about three in the afternoon, sorted the beads I thought would work together (I love that I have more than enough beads to work with without having to go out to buy them).

I use the clasps that are larger that are easier for my hands to work with. They are called “T-Clasps” and come in various sizes and in both gold and silver.

I spent a little more than three hours making the necklace and would have normally make the earrings to match at the same time, but I got caught up in organizing the beads and illustrations of other necklace sets I’ve wanted to make.

I think the next set I’ll make is for the dichroic glass piece I made in Ajijic a year ago.