Clay Jewelry

Clay Jewelry Set
Clay Jewelry Set

The Sculpy sets were one of my higher end items. I sold them between $145-175.

The Sculpy comes in blocks about 2″ square. I usually combined two different colors. It requires rolling the clay between the palms of your hands to warm it up and then twisting the two colors together without completely blending them together.

Each bead is hand rolled then I made a Styrofoam based holder with toot picks to hold the beads once rolled and drilled for beading.

The beads were then baked at 250 degrees in a conventional oven for 12 minutes and set out to cool for at least an hour. While still on the toothpicks I would paint the beads with a high gloss glaze. The center piece was made by creating a circle and then using a tool to fold up edges to create a scalloped look. This particular piece has triangles folded and then glued (Elmers) to the larger piece placing small pearls in the center of each one.  I made the earrings the same way and would typically make them for pierced ears even though they were heavier than the average earring, but would rarely sell clip on earrings.

I strung the necklace with a plastic filament to give it more flexibility and durability. The clay products were typically about 20% of my product line and took the most time to make.