Angelica Cat
Angelica Cat

This was my first Halloween party. I had gone through a divorce in 1985 and sometime during the year I had treated myself to going to see Cats in San Francisco at the Orpheum Theater. I loved the theater and had only been once in nearly ten years, so this was a very special occasion.

I had started attending a singles ski club in Walnut Creek and they always had a group ready to go to anything.

The front was pink lace over white satin, the pants were made of white fir and it was accented with white boa.

I wore the costume to the ski club’s Halloween party. I loved it that no one who had known me for more than eight months could figure out who I was.

There was a guest who attended who came back to the ski club the next Tuesday just to try and figure out who I was. It wasn’t until I laughed at someone’s joke that he finally discovered my identity.