Travel Hanger

It was about 5 years after I made the first jewelry hanger when I had to leave town for a few days on a business trip.

Travel Hanger

I was frustrated with how difficult it was to pack the jewelry I wanted to take along. I finally decided to roll up the various pieces in a towel.

But the next weekend I decided to make something to help with the problem. When I told a friend of mine she said she had some old upholstery material and if I wanted it,  I was welcome to it.

It was ideal for the travel version of the jewelry hanger. I searched until I found the garment hangers and used them rather than the large plastic hangers. I added a ribbon to the bottom so I could roll it up and the jewelry wouldn’t fall out during the trip.

Travel Hanger

It was great because when I got to my destination, all I had to do was hang it up in the closet and everything I wanted to war was visible and easy to get to.

Of course I made about 20 for the next craft fair I attended and they sold out immediately.

This is one that I made recently for a friend’s birthday. I found some great sturdy hangers that come in several colors. They are a great addition to the look of the hanger.

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