Do you remember when everyone was adding glitz in the form of the Beadazzler about 15 years ago? I was hooked. It was the first time I discovered I enjoyed wearing clothing that sparkled.

Then one of my clients was trying to fulfill an order of hand painted t-shirts. She brought me a sample and about two dozen shirts in various colors. All I had to do was iron on the pattern and then use the various puffy paints to create lively designs. It was a lot of fun and I did a good job and was given an unlimited number of shirts to paint any time I wanted to do them. The real problem was the pay was hardly worth it. It came to less than $10 an hour but I justified it for awhile because I could do the painting while I was watching television in the evenings.

Woman Stencil

I discovered foiling shortly after that and a series of very classy 40’s style women’s stencils. I ironed the image onto the material, with a stencil material and then ironed the foil over it. I used the material paints to bring out the color of the lips and eyes.

They turned out very well. So I bought t-shirt material and decided to make nightshirts and house shifts with the patterns. I did very well with them at the craft shows for several seasons.

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