Health Calendar

Natural Cures Calendar

This calendar is designed to help you discover how to revitalize the health of your organs. Most people avoid detoxifying because they believe it is time consuming and hard to fit into busy schedules. These techniques take one to two days. By delegating one weekend per month to decongest each organ, you will find that you will have more energy, less aches and pains and increase the ability for each organ to perform the way it was originally intended.

Do you remember how vital you felt energetically when you were 18? There is no reason why you can’t rejuvenate your body to feel that same level of physical stamina.
The body is so miraculous it knows how to heal a wound, create healthy cells where disease was once dominant, but occasionally, it needs a little extra help in the form of vitamins, extra rest, exercise and detoxifying.
They say that the average life expectancy is now 120 years old, do you intend to live it like a 120 year old or like a 50 year old?

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