Dichroic Glass

Dichroic Glass and Braided Seed Beads
Dichroic Glass and Braided Seed Beads

I was in Ajijic Mexico in March 2009 and managed to take a Dichroic Glass class from Lauri Jenson. She made the process amazingly simple, explaining the details of how we place the slivers of glass onto the black glass.

After we left Lauri placed the pendants into the kiln and when we saw her next she had even attached the silver clasp.

I kept thinking of what would set the piece and kept coming back to seed beads. I choose six colors of seed beads and strung 36″ strands, combined two of the colors to end up with the double strand braid.

I finished the necklace off with a silver silver toggle clasp.

I still have yet to make the earrings and am leaning towards making the same braid style but have also thought a simple hoop of each of the six colors creating a sphere.

I usually make a bracelet to complete the set, but I haven’t decided to make one yet.